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Confidently learn where you should open your next space with a coworking feasibility study.

My Projects Building the Coworking Movement

In order to spread the coworking movement, I have developed tools and programs that encourage remote working and collaboration between small businesses. If you are looking to start a coworking space or want to attract new members then this is a great place to start.

The Coworking Passport

We created a beautiful booklet that invites remote workers and freelancers to explore different coworking spaces in their city. It launched in Denver in 2019 with over 700 available and great fanfare. We are excited about the initial results of attracting members to our spaces.

We are partnering with individuals that want to bring the coworking passport to their city. It is financially supported by participating spaces and sponsors.

Powered By Creative Density 

If you are looking to start a coworking space and want a partner, look no further. The Powered By Creative Density coworking partnership is like a franchise for smaller spaces that are less than 15,000 sq. ft. Together we help develop the business mode, floor plan, and help launch your space. You will start your space with 9 years of operating experience on day one.

The space is yours. We help execute.

Denver Coworks Alliance

Founded in 2012, the Denver Coworks Alliance is the world’s most regional alliance of coworking spaces. We have developed a city-wide collaboration that has helped create one of the world’s most vibrant and competitive coworking scenes. We currently represent 70% of the spaces in Denver.

Our past projects have included Coworking Week, The Passport, monthly education series for community managers, staff training and consulting for local groups that want to start a space, and shared lead-generation.

 P&L Coworking Calculator

As a coworking consultant that specializes in feasibility studies, I learn a lot about the actual expenses and estimated growth of memberships.  I created a free simple coworking calculator that helps people get realistic expectations for their monthly cash flow after a year of being open. All for free.

For $100, I can create a more customized projection with furniture cost, office allocation,  and a break down of monthly costs.   

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