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Craig Baute

Coworking Owner and Consultant | Michigander | Entrepreneur

My Recent Thoughts on Coworking Trends, Business Models, and Operations.

Coworking Industry Provides Greater Opportunity in Small Towns

Small towns across America yield the highest growth segment in the coworking industry. Owners in some of the smallest towns are choosing to join in their local coworking space. Anticipating it will provide themselves or their staff with a higher sense of community and...

Why we turned an old house into a coworking space

I have described how coworking communities can usually be started anywhere as long as an engaged community agrees on it. Spaces are adaptable and the physical demands of a coworking space are not that high. However, many of your new community members will take...

Coworking Consulting

8 years of coworking owning experience. From idea to launch to growth I’ve worked on projects across the US and Asia.¬†

Branding and Community Building Strategies

Launch with a community in place

Space and Location Evaluation

Market research to determine the type of coworking and revenue

Effectivly Run Your Space

Software, Staff Training, and Best Practices

The Big Plan: To bring coworking to every town in the US

¬†Coworking is changing the way people connect, share ideas, and create a work / life balance. It’s breaking the burden of long-term leases that hold small businesses and startups back. Coworking allows young businesses to pivot and adapt. It brings developers, marketers, craftsman, sales people, and all types of modern workers together to cheer each other on and help every succeed together.

Coworking creates a community for today’s economy that every town can benefit from. Learn how I can help bring coworking to your town today.

‘Now that anyone can work anywhere. It’s a bigger decision of who and where I want to feel inspired, find friends, and be productive.’ – Sam Rosen

About Me

I have been in the coworoking world since it’s early years in 2009. I helped start a space in Toronto, eventually moved to Denver to openCreative Density in 2011. Since then I have helped over a dozen spaces open from Mongolia, China, Honduras, and across the US. I’m a proud Michigander that loves furniture design, history, and podcasts. If you are curious to what I’m working on now then check out my projects page.

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