This printer saved my coworking space a lot of money and won my love

After starting a coworking space in Toronto with one of those big commercial printers that stand four feet tall and spits out 90 pages a minute I knew that’s not what I wanted for my second space, Creative Density. The big fancy printer was impressive but had complicated controls, needed a separate computer for wireless printing, required a maintenance man to fix really any problem, and was an electricity hog. Ew. Plus, it’s not what my community needed. It was a selling point my partner thought we would get members with. Wrong. The community wanted: Easy to use Wireless printing […]

Russia’s Innovation E-Commerce Distribution Cause by Limitations

Constraints breed innovation. That was Oren’s first reaction when I was describing Russia’s small but growing e-commerce companies that I’m so fascinated with. Russia’s constraint: Very poor logistics and affordable distribution (No UPS or FedEx equivalents) Low credit/debit card penetration (48% of Russians have bank accounts) Vast country Difficult for international businesses to enter Only 1.5% of sales are online compared to 6.5% in Germany or 13% in the UK Russia’s strengths: Large population at 148 million Large and growing middle class, most notably in cities High internet penetration at over 66% Largest e-commerce market in Europe A go-do-it spirit […]