About Me

A midwestern guy that loves coworking, coffee, and believes people are good.

The Quick Facts


Education: BBA in Marketing, MBA in International Business – Grand Valley State University

Career before coworking: Market research for new product development

My favorite passtime: Very long walks listening to podcasts about history, technology, and current events. The journey ends at a coffee shop.

Things I know to be true: People are good, apple trees are the best trees to climb, history is an insight to who we are today, gratitude is the key to happiness, chipmunks ruining every nap in the woods and that cats ruin every nap on a couch.

Sayings that surpsingly inslfuenced my way of life: People live here for a reason, it’s your job to find out why.

Goals: To use coworking as a form of economic development to help small towns thrive.


A Professional Bio:

Craig Baute is the founder of Creative Density in Denver, Colorado. He also founded a coworking community in Toronto, the coworking alliance Denver Coworks and serves on the board of directors for the national coworking advocacy and education organization CoShare.

Having been transplanted to the mountains from Michigan, Craig still holds dear the midwestern sensibilities that found him crowned Mr. St. Joseph in the local Blossomtime Pageant as a high school senior. He has been known to actually live in his coworking space, and has been described as generous, helpful and easygoing (by professional colleagues, not just his mom). With a bachelor’s degree in business administration and an MBA in international business, Craig specializes in market and industry research and analysis. He has a spreadsheet for you.

His interests range from urban planning to small-town economic development. A world traveler, Craig created the Colorado Coworking Passport, a state-wide coworking membership designed to encourage creative collaboration and expanded perspectives. He has lived in Australia, Hungary and Canada, is consulting on a coworking space in Mongolia, China, Honduras, and has been paid in raw cacao.

A picture so you know I’m real.

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