Where Denver Freelancers can find their next gig.

Freelancing can be hard when first starting off. They choose a life of freedom, control over their time, and constantly change between exciting projects. In doing so it can also mean stress on not knowing where your next paycheck will come from. While coworking with other freelancers and teams is a great way to gain exposure and develop relationships Denver has many online job boards and resources to help. The Denver Egotist The Egotist focuses on local creative and related jobs (project management, account executive, etc.) primarily and is a great resource for freelance job seekers and companies. This service […]

Remembering why I started a coworking company

Over Christmas I went back to my small hometown in southwest Michigan and former stomping grounds of Chicago and Grand Rapids, MI. I left with an energized spirit after being reminded of coworking’s potential to shape cities and lives. Since I live in the coworking bubble I think of it as the norm and returning to economically hard hit Michigan and traditional manufacturing towns reminded me what inspired me to start a coworking community. I wanted to use a space to develop a support system and place where people could feel comfortable going out on their own or take a […]

How coworking spaces can engage with larger companies

Why this is cool: Corporations like Sprint and Coca-Cola are repurposing space to be used as a coworking space for their workers and the public. It starts as a way to give back to their local community. Local entrepreneurs and remote workers use the space to collaborate on new businesses, learn, and make new connections. Corporate workers are hesitant at first to cowork at the space but find the location change and community inspiring and this increases their creativity. It becomes a reciprocal beneficiary relationship where locals have a supportive community and corporations have an environment where innovation and company […]

Why I decided to start a second coworking location

It’s been nearly three years since I moved to Denver to open the original Creative Density. This month Creative Density opened up it’s second location in the Capitol Hill neighborhood just a few blocks away from our first location. For the last year I have been reluctant to expand with a new location, but I finally pulled the trigger last month and I feel pretty darn good about it. I wanted to share my thought process with the rest of the coworking community as we all struggle on if or how we should grow our businesses. Why I didn’t want […]