My Thoughts on Starting and Running a Coworking Space

For Coworking Culture; Think dorms, not apartments.

Regardless of trends coworking is about fostering openness. Just because coworking is now over 90% private offices doesn’t mean it’s  become all about glass prison cells for workers. As an owner or community manager you can avoid this fate of developing a stale,...

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Why we turned an old house into a coworking space

I have described how coworking communities can usually be started anywhere as long as an engaged community agrees on it. Spaces are adaptable and the physical demands of a coworking space are not that high. However, many of your new community members will take...

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The Start of Starting A Coworking Community

It is often said that a coworking community is started before there is even a leased signed. That’s because coworking happens when a group of people working on a variety of projects come together to work, share ideas, and enjoy each other’s company. It’s when these...

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