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Powered By Creative Density: Bringing Coworking to Every City

Through my business, Creative Density, we partner with property owners and cities to transform empty spaces into Collaborative Hubs and Profitable Businesses.


DeskPass is a startup that my Chicago friend, Sam Rosen, started in his hometown. We joined forces after I created a similar coworking passport in 2012.  DeskPass is now a funded startup that is expanding to be country-wide coworking membership that gives individuals access to hundreds of partcipating spaces.  It’s an exciting new and affordable way for people to discover coworking.

‘A ClassPass for Coworking is a new way for remote workers and businesses to have creative offices whereever they are.’

Crowdfunded: Coworking Marketing Ad Data

We raised over $2000 to fund Creative Density’s digital ad campaign in the world’s first crowdfunded marketing campaign. The money was raised from coworking space owners around the US. In exchange, we shared the marketing data so all of the partcipating space owners would have valuable marketing data on what ads work, what demographics are most responsive, and how to lowere the CPC costs.

Denver Coworks: 
A Local Coworking Alliance

Since starting Denver Coworks in 2012 we been a leader in world on collaborative alliances between coworking spaces. We represent over 75% of the coworking spaces in Denver and come together every other month to share best practices, put on larger events and parties, and share leads so we can all stay in business and succeed. We were the first in the nation to put on a city-wide Coworking Week.

Creative Density, the space I started in 2011

Since 2011, Creative Density has been the hometoremote workers, freelancers, and small businesses in Denver. It was the second coworking space in the city and has expanded twice. I am most proud of the community and the friendships that have developed between the members.

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